One of the crown jewels of Manhattan, the grand dame of New York City, is turning 100. We are talking, of course, about Grand Central Terminal. A century ago, on February 2, 1913 – after a decade of construction – the building that would revolutionize commuter train travel opened its doors.

There isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been said before about the building’s grandiose and tumultuous history. So, we offer something else to commemorate one of the most amazing buildings in the city: a 360 look at Grand Central. Part of a larger project photographing iconic landmarks in glorious 360 degrees, we teamed up with Shots 360 and photographer Thomas Erh, the man behind the lens of interactive 360ยบ panoramic photography, to document some of our favorite Old New York places.



I Love Old...Milan, Italy

Returning to a place you once lived is always interesting. Instead of rushing through the same streets day in and day out, you actually take time to see the beauty in the seemingly mundane.

It was great to return to Milan as a tourist, but without doing tourist-y things. Riding bikes and the tram, an old-fashioned street car.

I was riding the tram when I saw this sign for an old barber shop. I got off at the next stop so I could experience some of this old Milan. But this being Italy, a hundred years is really not that old. 

a modern hairstyle straight from '68

In this picture, and also below, "le colonne di san lorenzo," my favorite place in Milan. 

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